Sales with Agile
what is sales agility?
Agile is a mindset for employees; one that is flexible, fast, and proactive. The values and principles of of which are spelled out in the Agile manifesto.

Business Agility - the company's ability to quickly and efficiently adapt to any changes in order to obtain maximum benefits and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

SWAY (Sales with Agile) is a flexible method of sales management based on self-organization, employee involvement, and a value-based approach to the customer.

SWAY is a new sales building system founded on personal leadership, cross-functional teams, and a value-based approach
SWAY, which stands for Sales with Agile, is suitable for the target-oriented companies that are interested in creating happiness and value for the customers. SWAY rests on the Scrum framework and Agile philosophy as well as coaching-based approach and leadership principles. SWAY helps to achieve a 3-4 time increase in sales within 6 months: all due to the efficiency of the system and full engagement of employees. SWAY was designed by Marina Alex who used her experience in implementing Agile into sales.
Marina Alex
International expert and Business Agility coach
As an entrepreneur, management consultant, agile coach, and pioneer of Agile Sales, I specialise in building sustainable and robust agile organisations. I have a strong record of accomplishment with more than 10 years sales experience. During this time, my sales teams regularly brought in over $1.5million per year; outperforming all other teams and meeting (or exceeding) our sales targets. Over the last 4 years, I have developed an innovative sales technique based on business agility principles and agile practices; which I have successfully implemented in 4 major organisations across Russia. The most recent of these increased their sales performance from 43% of target to over 120% of target.
As a business agility coach, I am known for training agile outside IT, coaching senior executives, facilitating corporate strategy workshops, positioning business objectives in line with corporate goals, and using enthusiasm, energy and humour to motivate teams. My extensive sales background gives me a unique understanding of how business works – allowing me to uniquely solve complex cultural and business problems. During this time, I have launched more than 170 agile teams across various industries and worked closely with teams of managers in sales, logistics, and medicine. I am also an international speaker at multiple industry conferences globally.

Credentials: Certified Business Agility Coach,Certified coach, (ACSTH, ACC), Professional Scrum Master (PSM), Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Certified Enterprise Scrum Business Agility Professional (CESBAP),Certified Scrum Scale Practitioner

Author of SWAY (Sales with Agile)
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SWAY (Sales with Agile)
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